Glory to the Union!

After the uprising against corrupt foreign power which brought Nigel Farage to the Presidency of the New United Kingdom there were some who argued that the new politics could not last. However, when President Branson was elected in a free, fair and honest poll last August it was clear that the new politics were here to stay. Now, with the elections to the Union Assembly, it is clear that the changes are irrevocable.

Gone are the days of mudge and fudge when weak leaders alternated at Westminster. Gone are obsolete parties like the Labour Party and the Liberal Democratic Party, both of which did not dare even to put up candidates for the free, fair and honest poll for the Union Assembly.

Gone, too, are the days when the Union was dominated by corporate oligarchs. Some maintain that President Branson, democratically elected leader of the Free-Born Briton Party, has corporate links, but such crude smears belong to the politics of the past. Deputy President Cameron of the Conservative Unionist Party certainly cannot be accused of any such links to a mythical ruling class which exists only in the minds of exiled journalists in Putin’s pay. As for allegations that the League of St George is fascistic, merely because it restores the much-maligned British war leader William Joyce to his place in history, these can be dismissed as the maunderings of extremists.

Admittedly, the Union faces a hard road ahead. Many were perhaps disheartened when President Branson decided to suspend Operation Longshanks, the campaign to stop terrorists from imposing their brutal rule on the suffering people of Unionist Scotland. The Guardian wholeheartedly supports this move on humanitarian grounds. However, tough decisions will have to be made and, regrettably, some civilians in the region will die, many of them doubtless innocent, paying with their lives for the insanity of their supposedly-elected leaders in furthering the goals of Russian imperialism.

It is also true that the President’s prudent decisions have been associated with a temporary shortage of fuel. Putin’s vast propaganda machine is spreading the lie that this is linked to the momentary interruption of North Sea oil and the financial difficulties inevitable in a time of transition. In reality, the shortage can easily be resolved, and we call on our European coalition partners, and allies such as President Branson’s special adviser Anne-Marie Slaughter, to defy Russian meddling and give us the economic and military aid we need to solve all our difficulties. Our British Union must not fail, for the sake of justice and civilisation.

The Guardian says:

Forward with President Branson!

Forward against alien aggression!

Glory to the Union!


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