About The Creator

The Creator is a jealous deity with a serious hangover and a dislike for brevity. Trouble not The Creator, lest thou be troubled also.

On occasion The Creator manifests on a mountaintop in South Africa and shrieks and waves tattered limbs.

2 Responses to About The Creator

  1. Dear Shrieking Man
    Ha-ha. I stumbled on your blog by accident and I must commend you on your hilarious and pithy commentary. For quite a while I have been wandering the SA blogspace and media scene and wondering “am I the the fucking crazy hallucinating nutjob?”. Your well-backed arguments esp. concerning the snivelling sycophantic nature of SA journalists (and double esp. the business and finance crowd) have brought me great relief. I thought I was either completely mad or completely alone. (at least when you’re mad you can get a lobotomy or retreat to a schedule 7 drug induced psychic flatline). Often it’s only the minority voice that makes any kind of sense. Due to the total lack of alternative political analysis in SA I must confess I know more about what’s ticking in US or UK politics than whats going on in my own country. Your blog is the first I’ve read that’s help me fill in the gaps a little. Cheers.
    Your aversion to jpgs, bells and whistles etc. are noted but I can’t help but ask you get some kind of tag or subject directory set up. Often you refer to past articles or topics and I get a bit lost.

    Keep it up.
    Benny Alberts

  2. Dick says:

    Hi Shrieking Man,
    How do one contact you?
    Amandla! magazine

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