Index Expurgatorius

The Creator, alas, has limited access to the Internet due to the ineluctable laws of the Universe (see that fraud St Augustine for details). Someday, all will be perfected. Meanwhile, here is an incomplete list for your amazement.

BLOG001 Lovin’ Can’t Pay My Bills. (Introduction, and about how capitalist development cannot save the country.)

BLOG002 Is Jacob Zuma Really A Bad Guy?  (Overview of Zuma’s background

BLOG003 But then how did Zuma get there? (Overview of where the Zuma faction comes from.)

BLOG004 Why Hate Israel, Anyway? (Thoughts on Palestine, etc.)

BLOG005 The Complexities of Racism(Response to a silly racist on the Mail and Guardian blog)

BLOG006 The Powers Behind the Press. (Thoughts on the centralisation and dishonesty of the press.) 26/02/08

BLOG007 The Magic of the National Budget. (Some ideas on how to learn from the Budget.) 28/02/08

BLOG008 Madisha and the Decline of the Left. (Notes on Zuma’s impact on trade unions and the SACP.) 28/02/08

BLOG009 Zimbabwe’s Ruination. (About Zimbabwe’s economic crisis and possible causes.) 03/03/08

BLOG010 A Modest Phillippic. (Complaining about likely conditions under Zuma.) 03/03/08

BLOG011 Why a Political Web-Log? (Discussing what possible motives could exist for rambling on the Web about politics.) 11/03/08

BLOG012 The Merchants of Death and the Bodyguard of Lies. (Discussing the great Arms Deal.) 11/03/08

BLOG013 Oh Joy, Another Crisis of Capitalism! (About why, even if this is a crisis of capitalism, it shouldn’t be welcomed.) 11/03/08

BLOG014 Supposing South African Socialism? (I) (The problems of setting up a South African socialist party.) 12/03/08

BLOG015 Another Weary, Turgid, Foul Election Rigmarole. (Notes on the American election.) 13/03/08

BLOG016 Reconsidering the Elite Transition Model.  (First criticisms of Patrick Bond’s idea.) 18/03/08

BLOG017 Supposing South African Socialism? (II) (Ideas about how a South African socialist party might evolve its preliminary policy.) 19/03/08

BLOG018 Iain M Banks: Imperialist Propagandist? (Reading Culture texts as excuses for the West.) 22/03/08

BLOG019 The Power-Crazed Loonies. (The possibility that ESCOM was manipulating the power crisis for its profit.) 22/03/08

BLOG020 The Soul of Liberalism Under Apartheid. (Discussing why liberalism under apartheid was less impressive than it looked.) 22/03/08

BLOG021 Scorpions for Dinner. (Explaining why the Scorpions should not be disbanded, but also why a lot of people are lying about the issue.) 24/03/08

BLOG022 The Soul of Liberalism After Apartheid. (Discussing why liberalism after apartheid failed so calamitously.) 24/03/08

BLOG023 South Africa: Satellite of the American Empire? (Explaining why it isn’t, and those who say it is are wrong.) 24/03/08

BLOG024 An Anti-Politics Machine. (Discussing why NGOs are often opposed to real political action, citing the TAC as an example.) 27/03/08

BLOG025 Good Men Down. (Mourning the death of Mr. Zulu and Ivan Toms.) 27/03/08

BLOG026 Does Whiteness Make You Stupid? (Criticising Frederick van Zyl Slabbert’s book The Other Side of History.) 02/04/08

BLOG027 Zimbabwe — The Galaxy Holds Its Breath. (Discussing the Zimbabwean elections and responses to these.) 13/04/08

BLOG028 John Ralston Saul Does The Globe. (Assessing flaws in Saul’s book on globalisation.) 13/04/08

BLOG029 ANCYL: Corruption and Decay. (Noting Fikile Mbalula’s plagiarised essay and suggesting this as a metaphor for the ANCYL Congress.) 13/04/08

BLOG030 Funhouse With No Exit. (Complaining about the situation in which people are so frequently lied-to by the media and public officials.) 15/04/08

BLOG031 The Hamsters Flex their Mighty Biceps. (Noting that trade unions were making demands and calls which they seemed to neither understand nor have power to accomplish.)  16/04/08

BLOG032 A Bag of Broken Glass. (Observation that South Africa remains a shattered society.) 17/04/08

BLOG033 The Present Danger. (Discussion of the global threats and how they ultimately are not being addressed by capitalist society.) 20/04/08

BLOG034 How the World Got Lost. (Suggestion that there were various “turning points” in the last 50 years when the present danger became more likely.) 23/04/08

BLOG035 When Opportunism Knocks, Is It On Your Head? (Discussion of the political dangers and advantages of building fronts with forces like Islamic rebels.) 24/04/08

BLOG036 Hoping For The Worst.  (Criticism of John Pilger’s attacks on post-apartheid South Africa.) 25/04/08

BLOG037 Of Human Bondage. (Criticism of Bond’s first South African book, responding to Bond’s criticism of the Pilger post.) 26/04/08

BLOG038 Master Class with Gordon and Jacob. (Imaginary conversation between Zuma and Brown in 10 Downing St.) 28/04/08

BLOG039 The Word of the Bond. (Criticism of Bond’s Elite Transition and of his general political standpoint.)  28/04/08

BLOG040 Supposing South African Socialism? (III) (Suggestions on how South Africa might have evolved after 1960 had it sought to be a socialist state.) 02/05/08

BLOG041 On Reading Propaganda. (I) (Criticising a Christopher Hitchens article on Zimbabwe.) 01/05/08

BLOG042 On Reading Propaganda (II). (Criticising a Mark Gevisser article on Zimbabwe.) 03/05/08

BLOG043 Teach Your Children Ill. (Discussing the problems of South African education.) 05/05/08

BLOG044 A Brief Response to Dr. Patrick Bond. (And then, no more.) (Explaining why Bond is not worth talking to.) 8/05/08

BLOG045 Watching Things Fall Apart. (Challenging the press spin on Khampepe and Pikoli.) 10/05/08

BLOG046 Is This House Falling? (The rise of the European right.) 12/05/08

BLOG047 Rolling Back the Right Wing. (I) (The structure of a left-wing political party and why it sucks.) 13/05/08

BLOG048 Your Beloved Government In Action. (Why neoliberal governments do not help people in crisis.) 14/5/08

BLOG049 Rolling Back the Right Wing. (II) Technique du Coup d’Etat. (How to build a power-base in another organisation) 15/5/08

BLOG050 Rolling Back the Right Wing. (III) Rantin’ ‘Bout A Revolution. (Why revolution is not necessarily desirable, even if it were possible.) 16/5/08

BLOG051 On-line, on-message, out of touch. (Why the Net is not the perfect place for politics.) 18/5/08

BLOG052 Of Plunder, Rapine and Murder. (Response to the anti-foreigner attacks.) 22/5/08

BLOG053 Rolling Back the Right Wing (IV). But what are we supposed to do? (The case for activism and electoral participation by small parties.) (26/5/08)

BLOG054 Where Have All Poppa’s Heroes Gone? (The failure of patriotism and the swelling of corruption.) 27/5/08

BLOG055 Confusion Now Hath Made His Masterpiece. (The absurdity of contemporary ANC politics.) 03/6/08

BLOG056 Some Of Our Failures. (Diatribe against AZAPO and the PAC.) 06/06/08

BLOG057 The Rich Are Eating Us. (On the food crisis.) 28/6/08

BLOG058 Zimbabwe in Crisis, Pope Still Catholic, Bear Crap Found in Woods. (Expressing annoyance at Zimbabwe.) 20/7/08)

BLOG059 How Does It Feel To Be Such A Freak? (I) (Discussing people who persuade themselves that Zuma deserves support, such as Saunderson-Meyer.) 20/7/08

BLOG060 Dissing Cape Town’s Topia.  (About Lauren Beukes’ Moxyland.) 24/7/08

BLOG061 A Confession. (About why the Avusa group don’t really support Zuma.) 26/7/08

BLOG062 How Does It Feel To Be Such A Freak? (II) (Talking about other people who persuade themselves that Zuma deserves support, such as Ben Turok.) 26/7/08

BLOG063 On On Bullshit. (Or, “Ich bin ein Frankfurter!”) (Frankfurt, bullshit and how the book works.) 31/7/08

BLOG064 Caucasian Roulette. (The Russian operations in Georgia and what they mean.) 14/8/08

BLOG067 Not In My Mama’s Name. (Mama Mia and what it means) 01/09/08

BLOG068 Little Criminals.  (The necessary compromises of practical politics.) 01/09/08

BLOG069 Calling It For Obama. (Why Obama will win and why this is not a good thing.) 02/09/08

BLOG070 2009: An Electoral Odyssey. (The probable negative consequences of the 2009 election for the ANC.) 04/09/08

BLOG071 Ex Africa, Semper Big Bucks Novi. (What the impending economic depression means for Africa.) 11/09/08

BLOG072 They Had Given All They Had For Something New.  (Analysis of COSATU’s economic policy.) 15/09/08

BLOG073 Anal Ysis. (Discussion of Judge Nicholson verdict on Mbeki.) 15/09/08

BLOG074 This Long Disease.  (The likely problems with the Jacob Zuma government.)  30/09/08

BLOG075 Statues Made Of Matchsticks (The collapse of the Mbeki government.) 01/10/08

BLOG076 The Brown Wedge Invades The Red Square. (Fascist tendencies in the Zuma regime) 17/10/08

BLOG077 Down, Down, Down You Go. (Collapse of the global economy.) 08/10/08

BLOG078 Tony Brink, Ron Roberts, and the Madness of our Lords. (AIDS absurdities.) 11/10/08

BLOG079 Such are the Rewards of Moral Degeneracy. (The obvious problems of growing public dishonesty.) 18/10/08

BLOG080 “Fuck You.” (Cutting off funding for the AIDS project.)  20/10/08

BLOG081 Analysing Raymond Suttner. (Assessment of Suttner and his ideas on politics.) 29/10/08

BLOG082 Welcome to the Desert called Utopia. (The disastrous present socio-human situation.) 30/10/08

BLOG083 The God That Failed. (Incomplete.)

BLOG084 The Obamanable Truth. (President Obama and why he is not the Messiah.) 06/11/08

BLOG085 Back to the Future Election. (Revisiting the idea of the election with CoPe in mind.) 15/11/08

BLOG086 The “Normalization” of South African Politics. (How South African politics became as bad as politics elsewhere.) 17/11/08

BLOG087 American Graffiti. (The US in Africa and Somalia.) 07/12/08

BLOG088 Our Sick Doctors. (The campaign against Manuel and why it was spurious)  06/12/08

BLOG089 The Springtime of Our Decay.  (Incomplete — essay on inept response to Israel’s attack on Gaza.) 05/01/09

BLOG090 A Thought Experiment on Israel. (General discussion on Israel/Palestine.) 09/01/09

BLOG091 How Sweet It Tasted! (American economic situation in the Obama era.) 04/02/09

BLOG092 Theorizing CoPe.  (Analysing what CoPe stands for and how it might succeed.)  05/02/09

BLOG093 On Thermonuclear War. (Why it has become much more likely in the twenty-first century) 07/02/09

BLOG094 The Pity of Toryism. (John Charmley’s errors.) 10/02/09 (unposted)

BLOG095 The Fooling Class. (The existence of a South African ruling class.) 20/02/09

BLOG096 Bombard the Headquarters! (How to destroy the ruling class.) 21/02/09

BLOG097 Economy Cancelled Due To Lack Of Interest. (The paradoxical benefits of usury for South African finance.) 21/02/09

BLOG098 La Folies Zimbabwienne. (The distortions around the sad situation in Zimbabwe.) 03/03/09

BLOG099 Pop! (The bursting of the first Obama financial bubble.) 06/03/09

BLOG100 The Day After Election Day . . .(The likely consequences and probable results of the impending election.) 08/03/09

BLOG101 Zuma’s Future Effect on the State. (The further implications of that election.) 14/04/09

BLOG102 The Poisoned Wellsprings of Social Debate. (Why it is so hard to intellectually challenge Zuma.) 14/04/09

BLOG103 When you asked me how I’m doing, was that some kind of joke? (Parody of “Desolation Row”.) 15/04/09

BLOG104 Fisking Fatuous Fabrication. (Examining the McCarthy transcripts and why they don’t prove a conspiracy against Zuma.) 14/04/09

BLOG105 Challenge and Response. (I) (Preliminary notes on the problem posed by Zuma’s victory.) 25/04/09

BLOG106 Challenge and Response (II): Why They Voted Zuma In. (Review of the election results.) 26/04/09

BLOG107 Perhaps Not An Interruption: Zumanomics. (Examination of the merits and demerits of the book.) 28/04/09

BLOG108 Another Non-Interruption: Divide and Misrule. (Analysis of Zuma’s Cabinet changes). 13/05/09

BLOG109 Challenge and Response. (III) Out Of Our Darkness. (The way the Left has failed in recent years.) 14/05/09

BLOG110 Challenge and Response. (IV) Hard Time on Easy Street. (The possible way to get somewhere with a leftist party in forthcoming years.) 16/05/09

BLOG111 What We Are Up Against.(The Vodacom share deal and its political ramifications.) 23/05/09

BLOG112 Challenge and Response. (V) Onward to — What?(How a leftist party could possibly develop into a national force by 2014.) 01/06/09

BLOG113 Our Unhealthy Condition. (Discussion of the doctors’ strike and the health-care crisis.) 01/06/09

BLOG114 Prisoners of the Truth (I): Truthers and Truthiness. (9/11 Truth and received wisdom.) 06/06/09

BLOG115 Prisoners of the Truth (II): The Conventional Menace. (How conventional wisdom has served the Nazis and American ruling class.) 11/06/09

BLOG116 Prisoners of the Truth (III): The Desert of Reality. (Examining a small element of propaganda around SA foreign policy in the light of conventional wisdom.) 15/06/09

BLOG117 In Praise of Theocratic Tyranny. (The Iranian elections.) 24/06/09

BLOG118 Das Glasperlenspiel. (The World Cup, the general game-playing and the denial of reality in South Africa.) 08/08/09 (not posted)

BLOG119 Scapegoating “Inflation Targeting”. (Explanation of why the concept is worthless and being abused.) 08/08/09 (not posted)

BLOG120 The “Return” of the “Repressed”. (Assessment of how reactionary politics was gradually creeping into Zuma’s policies.) 10/08/09 (not posted)

BLOG121 The Evaporation of Global Warming. (Reading of Michael Crichton and discussion of global warming denial.) 13/08/09 (not posted)

BLOG122 Whence did the Weirdness Come? (South African foreign policy; why and how criticism of it by the DA was wrong.) 13/08/09

BLOG123 A Dance to the Music of Dung. (Critique of Zuma’s recent domestic and foreign policy initiatives.) 02/10/09 (Never posted)

BLOG124 Brown Battalions and a Brown World. (Tooze’s The Wages of Destruction and the modern Third World.) 27/09/09

BLOG125 Situating the District. (Incomplete assessment of District 9.) 27/09/09

BLOG126 Trying Times. (Examination of the first week of the Jackie Selebi trial.) 10/10/09

BLOG127 Covering Up. (I) (Discussion of how Obama was trying to rule through deception.) 26/10/09

BLOG128 Covering Up (II) (Discussion of how Zuma was trying to do essentially the same.) 27/10/09

BLOG129 Countdowns to Catastrophe. (Evaluation of what bad shape the human government of the planet is in.) 07/11/09

BLOG130 Emmanuel Wallerstein: Lazy Leftist. (Discussion of Wallerstein’s failure to analyse contemporary economics and politics effectively.)11/11/09

BLOG131 The Trial Was A Circus, Though There Was Trouble Getting The Elephants Into The Courtroom.  (Parody of the Selebi trial.) 12/11/09

BLOG132 Let’s Piss on the Yellow Peril! (As requested, discussion of Chinese menace to South Africa.) 27/11/09

BLOG133 The Politics of the Mail and Guardian. (Discussion of that newspaper, in response to De Waal’s nonsense about Zuma.) 04/12/09

BLOG134 Biological Class Warfare. (Discussion of insistence by some researchers that AIDS and affluence are unrelated) 08/12/09

BLOG135 Puzzlin’ Evidence. (Some interesting lies told by the Zuma government and their implications.) 16/12/09

BLOG136 The Testimony of the Injured Party. (Commentary on the 2009 SACP Conference.) 15/12/09

BLOG137 Santa Claus Has Left The Building. (What the budget deficit in 2009 could lead to in the future.) 16/12/09

BLOG138 Billman en die Hadedasang van die Verkramptes. (Critique of R W Johnson.) 28/01/10

BLOG139 The Astounding Reality. (Critique of William Mervin Gumede.) 28/01/10

BLOG140 Flat Earth, Meet AIDS Denial. (Response to foolish observations about AIDS policy.) 02/02/10

BLOG141 War is a Farce which Leaves us Moaning. (Notes on President Obama’s ineffectual warmongering.) 05/02/10

BLOG142. Hovering in the Wind, On a Lee Shore (The South African society and economy on the edge of collapse.) 10/02/10

BLOG143 Down In The Condemned Well. (The state of the ANC and its relations with opposition parties.) 22/02/10

BLOG144 Bullshit Budget Ballyhoo. (Zuma’s first Budget and why it would lead to disaster.) 23/02/10

BLOG145 Interesting Crimes. (The great ESCOM scam.) 25/02/10

BLOG146 Undeniably Pale, but far from Native. (Just a small smack at the egregious Max du Preez.)  01/02/10

BLOG147 And Is It True? It Is Not True! And If It Were It Wouldn’t Do! (I: Ranting Pipsqueaks). (Critique of oversimplified support for the World Social Forum.) 04/03/10

BLOG148. And Is It True? It Is Not True! And If It Were It Wouldn’t Do! (II: What the Pips Squeak About) (Critique of leftist failure to condemn and work against imperialism and sub-imperialism.) 09/03/10

BLOG149. And Is It True? It Is Not True! And If It Were It Wouldn’t Do! (III: How Not to Squeak) (Trying to reconcile the current internationalist left with a more functional nationalist one.) 12/03/10 — apparently not posted.

BLOG150. The Creator Acknowledges Unexpected Confirmation. (Discussion of Mazibuko Jara, ultimately concluding the invalidity of his argument.) 13/03/10

BLOG151 Going Under The Press. (The beginning of the attack on Julius Malema by media and Zuma.) 21/03/10

BLOG152 Taking Stock, Taking Heed. (Analysis of the state of the government and administration.) 28/03/10

BLOG153 Race, Class and Agenda. (The meaning of racism in contemporary South Africa.) 08/04/10

BLOG154 Nuclear Dogmas. (The main issues around the plans to buy nuclear reactors for South Africa.) 14/04/10

BLOG155 Ode on the Conference on the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons in Iran. (Short poem about Anglo-American policy towards Iran.) 13/04/10

BLOG156 Banks Disappoints Interestingly. (Review of Iain Banks’ Transition.) 15/04/10

BLOG157 If We Only Had The Power. (Discussion of solar, wind and ocean thermal power and their practicality.) 03/05/10

BLOG158 Water, Water, Everywhere But Here. (Discussion, like the previous one, of the practicalities of water recycling and treatment.) 22/05/10

BLOG159 Secretary-General Identifies Source of Somalian Problem: Somalis. (Sarky remarks about Somali situation.) 22/05/10

BLOG160 The Biggest Issue (I): The Situation Gets Worse. (Social and economic inequality in the modern world.) 28/05/10

BLOG161 And now for something painfully familiar. (Ben Cousins’ attack on Mahmood Mamdani.) 02/06/10

BLOG162 The Biggest Issue (II): The Destructive Effect. (The race and class issue in South Africa.) 07/06/10

BLOG163 When It Is Much Too Late, We See. (Remarks on Richard Pithouse and Raymond Suttner’s recent critiques of the Zuma government.) 13/06/10

BLOG164 Confederacy of Dunces. (The state of the Tripartite Alliance under Zuma.) 28/07/10

BLOG165 Why We Are Doomed. (Prediction of the crumbling of the global economy.) 28/07/10

BLOG166 Lost Victories. (How the worker movement faces disaster in the face of Zuma.) 28/07/10

BLOG167 Secrets and Lies. (Discussion of the proposed secrecy bill and media tribunal.) 03/08/10

BLOG168 More Than Somewhat. (Runyon pastiche about the Glenn Agliotti trial.) 02/08/10

BLOG169 On Strike. (Discussion of the civil servants’ strike.) 24/08/10

BLOG170 Spectres of Heath and Thatcher. (Discussion of whether the ANC might grow more anti-worker over time.) 26/08/10

BLOG171 Creationism. (General meditation on how damaged South African and global politics is.) 02/09/10

BLOG172 A Rude Noise In A Public Place. (Thoughts on the role of Ronnie Kasrils in recent politics.) 07/09/10 (evidently unposted)

BLOG173 Dissolution. (The disastrous outcome of the ANC National General Council.) 22/09/10

BLOG174 Only Trouble Is, Gee Whiz, I’m Dreaming My Life Away. (Analysis of Inception.) 27/09/10

BLOG175 Assembling the Pieces (I). (Truncated attempt to discuss what needs to be done in South Africa.) 10/10/10 — probably not posted

BLOG176 For Now Is The Time For Your Tears. (Discussion of National Health Insurance.) 30/10/10

BLOG177 Disaster I: All Charged Up. (The problems of South Africa’s electricity generation policy.) 30/10/10

BLOG178 Disaster II: The Bills Come Due. (South Africa’s disastrous economic condition, as indicated in the Medium-Term Budget Framework.) 01/11/10

BLOG179 This Best Of All Possible Worlds. (Fantasy of trying to save the planet with a time machine.) 11/11/10

BLOG180 A Void. (Notes on popular culture in the depression.) 30/11/10

BLOG181 Beyond Good and Evil. (The passivity of the South African public.) 05/12/10

BLOG182 The Politics of Murder. (The racial implications of murder and murder investigations in South Africa.) 09/12/10

BLOG183 How To Win Friends and Influence People. (Building a left-wing party in South Africa.) 08/01/11

BLOG184 Leaking on the Sheets. (Wikileaks and the Assange rape trial.) 09/01/11

BLOG185 Anti-Social Behaviour. (On critiques of the social grants system.) 20/01/11

BLOG186 Ebony In Ivory. (The situation in Ivory Coast.) 28/01/11

BLOG187 The Losing Left. (The Democratic Left, and the general Trotskyite brouhaha.) 11/02/11

BLOG188 Confusion, Delusion, Revolution. (The Arab Spring, so-called.) 08/03/11

BLOG189 This Winter Coming. (Notes on the forthcoming municipal elections.) 17/03/11

BLOG190 Welcome To The Desert Of Unreason. (The invasion of Libya by NATO.) 22/03/11

BLOG191 Let’s All Drink To The Death Of A Clown! (The invasion of Ivory Coast by France and the UN.) 02/04/11

BLOG192 No There, There. (The view from the cockpit of a British fighter aircraft over Libya.) 19/04/11

BLOG193 The Inane Game of Blame. (The punditocracy attempting to shift blame for political failures away from their chosen champions.) 25/04/11

BLOG194 The Death of the Hired Man? (On the murder of Osama Bin Laden.) 02/05/11

BLOG195 Endgame for International Law? (On the ICC’s fraudulent warrant against Qaddhaffi and the general collapse of international institutions.) 09/06/11

BLOG196 At the Court of the Lords of Misrule. (The media/DA attempt to revitalise the Oilgate scandal, and the misconduct of Thuli Madonsela.) 10/07/11

BLOG197 Profoundly Superficial. (Denunciation of Iain Banks’ Surface Detail.) 11/07/11

BLOG198 The Masters of the Universe. (The dismal and preposterous performance of current governments.) 20/07/11

BLOG199 The Players and the Game. (How the government pretends concern for things like the Wal-Mart takeover.) 22/07/11

BLOG200 A Correction. (The stock market crisis, pre-Eurozone crisis.) 06/08/11

BLOG201 King Hussein. (Jaundiced assessment of Barack Obama.) 11/08/11

BLOG202 The Book of Lamontations. (Assessment of the “hate speech” trial of Julius Malema.) 01/11/11

BLOG203 The Colonial Year Is Dead, And The Greeks, Too, Are Finished. (The Greek financial crisis and the Eurozone disaster.) 05/10/11

BLOG204 Corruption in the Corruption. (Corruption as concept and metaphor.) 25/10/11

BLOG205 What Are They Afraid Of? (Malema, Occupy Wall Street and other menaces to the status quo.) 01/11/11

BLOG206 The Art of Destruction. (The Zuma administration’s assault on the positive features of the state.) 23/11/11

BLOG207 Unravelling. (The gradual collapse of the global economy thanks to neoliberalism.) 24/11/11

BLOG208 Occupational Hazard. (Why Occupy Wall Street is not going to succeed.) 27/11/11

BLOG209 Bad Cop and the Paralysed Drivers. (COP17, the Eurozone crisis and the generalised incapacity of governments to take action.) 09/12/11

BLOG210 Getting It Right Next Time (1): Yes We Can! (How to squeeze the rich out of the political process as much as possible.) 14/12/11

BLOG211 Getting It Right Next Time (II): No We Can’t! (How the system persuades us that the rich must remain there and the rest of us must shut up.) 17/12/11

BLOG212 Blasted Heath. (Why Judge Willem Heath fell from grace as head of the SIU.) 17/12/11

BLOG213 Limbo Dancing with South African Journalists. (The incredibly bad performance of the Mail and Guardian in rating the Cabinet.) 24/11/10

BLOG214 Coming Home. (Discourse on how to solve the overwhelming general problems of politics.) 25/12/11

BLOG215 Keeping Us Safe And Sound. (Discovering that the Protection of State Information Bill isn’t as bad as it’s painted.) 26/12/11

BLOG216 Voices of Fools and Knaves. (How the liars and idiots are taking over global discourse.) 05/01/12

BLOG217 Game of Shadows and Lights. (Why the latest Sherlock Holmes is so lousy.) 31/12/11

BLOG218 The Softest Underbelly. (Why Zuma might be vulnerable at Mangaung.) 03/01/12

BLOG219 Pity Party. (The pathetic ANC centenary at Bloemfontein.) 08/01/12

BLOG220 M-Plan. (How Malema, Motlanthe and Mbeki seem to be combining forces.) 17/01/12

BLOG221 In A Province. (The atrocious reasoning behind the central provincial interventions.) 27/01/12

BLOG222 Enigmobama. (Why it seems possible that Obama might win a second term.) 29/01/12


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